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our girls have arrived!

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Hello everyone,


Just a quick note to say that our (purple eglu) arrived last week and we picked up our 3 hens on Saturday from a place called Martins Wood Farm (near Lewes). The lady was ever so helpful and their chickens were really lovely. :D


We chose a White Star with her funny floppy comb (named Cocotte), a lovely Bovans Nera (named Luba) and a VERY sweet little Gingernut Ranger (called Gigi), she actually came up to us when we were in the pen choosing the hens and we thought, bless her, we have got to choose her!


I'm delighted to also say that we've had absolutely no fighting at all and the girls seem to be getting on very well.


The other great thing is that Cocotte is already laying and we've even had our first egg on Sunday! It was so exciting :dance: as we thought she would not be laying for a few days, being moved to a new home..etc.


We did the chicken dance and our little boy had the first egg.


Photos coming soon!


Thanks to all for all your eggcellent advises. :wink:



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Chelsea & Moonie - Funny you should say that about the garden. I went to get the girls in a couple of hours ago and the garden definitely looks more "lived in" :lol: , bit of excavation going on in the flower beds! Husband laughed when he came home but looks like may a couple of hours in the garden rather than the whole day! :lol:


Cheryl - let's hope I don't come across any of those gorgeous little bantams you just got as I don't think I'll be able to resist! :wink:

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Congratulations both. We have never had grass so neatly clipped during the winter :lol: We have laid chicken wire over most of it now and with the mild weather last week it is growing back nicely.


We only usually let the girls out for abour 2 hours a day in the mid afternoon when they start to get bored and take to feather plucking :roll:


We have decided to grow nothing small in the back garden this year and just have big shrubs so that they have plenty of soil to play with :D Now we just have to keep them out of the greenhouse and one bed where we ant to put some climbing french beans.

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