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oakwood farm chicken

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from M&S...


bit the bullet and baught 2 chicken breasts to go with pasta and sauce.

we usually get it from Te$co but figured we'd give M&S's free range a go.

well, I can hardly believe the difference :shock:

1 breast served 2 of us, it usually takes 2 because Te$co's shrink so much,

and there was an actual "flavour" to the chicken that we could taste even with the pasta sauce


it cost almost 3 times the price but we only used 1/2 the amount... well worth it :D

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I think the Co-op sell oakwood farm chickens (but I may have made that up :lol: )


Im sure I got one last time I went to the coop.


sounds like you had a yummy dinner :D





Co-op sell Elmwood chickens. They are from the enriched barns - freedom food. I have had them on occasion. A reasonable compromise.

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Some of the Oakham chickens are free range but most are not.


You just have to make sure you get the right one.


There were no free range chickens in Sainsbury's when I went in on Tuesday but I saw this as a positive sign that more people had made an informed choice since Hugh and Jamie's campaigns. This was reiterated by the fact that many of their cheaper birds had been "yellow stickered" which must mean they had not sold them as anticipated. :D

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I can never see free-range anything in our sainsbury's so I just buy the organic stuff instead - expensive (especially for a student) but I'd rather be a little bit broke than have to buy non free-range! My house-mates think i'm insane but have finally given in to me nagging about free-range eggs :D

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