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The Dogmother

Snow is on it's way

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I haven't heard that,but YIPEEEEEEE :P:P:P:P:P


That's what my daughters will say if it does snow... :)

I don't mind snow too much, especially if at weekends when the girls can stay home and enjoy it all in the garden without us having to drive anywhere... in previous winter I used to put the car in the garage each night, to avoid the s"Ooops, word censored!"ing in the morning... but now the garage is full with tiles and what not for our new bathroom... of course it will have to snow or freeze while I can't put the car in.... sigh...


Maybe I'm just getting lazy... in previous houses we never had a garage...

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No just lots of rain today :roll:


I was so wet I had to change trousers, my jacket and gloves are still soaked and I needed to wash my feet and crocs in the shower because of the mud :evil:


My parents are going to their house this weekend so if I am snowed in it will be fine so long as it stays away till after they have gone I want my peace and quiet htis weekend :lol:


I hope that you get it Louise.

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Can I put in an order for a foot-deep layer, to fall silently and beautifully on Friday night, last until Monday morning and then vanish, please?


My kids have never seen snow that was more than an inch deep or lasted more than two hours. We would have to go to the local 'artificial real snow ski slope' place if we wanted to play in snow. It would probably be cheaper and more environmentally friendly to fly to Greenland.

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