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Fowl Dinners escapee

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I've just been leafing through my new copy of Grow Your Own and came across the lovely story of one of the battery chickens from Jamie Oliver's Fowl Dinners programme. When they took the 300 ex batts to his place, it turned out there was one missing. They found her hidden in an equipment case in the studio. A channel 4 employee took her along to Paul Task who writes the Allotment Gardener column and he has adopted her. She is called Delicious ( :shock: ) and there is a lovely picture of her - page 25 if you have a copy. I thought it was a lovely story :D

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I'll have to have a leaf through GYO and find the story. But I'd already heard the tale of the escapee because at the last rescue we did (shortly before Fowl Dinners was televised) a lady trurned up to collect 1 or 2 hens, explaining that they were to be companions to the escapee :D:D .


Jean (the Essex Co-ordinator) had been involved in the programme and in delivering Jamie's hens, so of course was well aware of the escapee tale and had arranged for the extra hens to be collected, and she told me the story of the escapee then :D .

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It is in the March issue - arrived 2 days ago. You really need to see it in print - it is such a lovely photo of her. A chicken with attitude! 8)


I'm glad she has some ex batt companions Kate - the author did say he had wanted to start keeping chickens (which is why he was handed Delicious) but it didn't show them in the magazine. :D

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