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I have been wanting to do this for a long time but I would like to say a large thank you to Omlet but also for the kind people on this forum who have helped a nervous first timer with some tricky aspects of hen husbandry. The two girls arrived several months ago and it is only now that I feel fully confident but also very happy and besotted with my daft little charges.


My health is such that exhaustion prevents me from keeping up with all the posts and being much of a presence of a forum. I apologise that I am not able to help others or be very useful in that way. I do drop in from time to time and smile at some of the posts and feel sympathy for those with problems or chicken bereavements. If someone had told me pre-hen that they could make me so happy, even when cleaning out their eglu and laughing as they both stick their heads through the open hatch to check I’ve done a good job, I might have been very cynical. But they are so funny and calming to cuddle, they have definitely enhanced my life.


Somehow I find the energy to be with them or tend to them – they motivate me in that way wonderfully. They are also humbling in their simplicity and contentment – many is the time I have been at the computer trying to find the strength for writing and I have looked out of the window and being spurred up by seeing them balancing like frilly-knickered dancers on the side of the bird bath or pulling at the same worm on the lawn.


Like you all, I now have become obsessed by the nature of the faeces, clean vents and vaselined combs and wattles. And I am happy that I can give animals a good home where they can free-range all day and reward me with eggs that must be the most perfect thing on earth.


So thank you Omlet. As the advertisement for M&S might say, these are not just hens they are sweet, funny and crazy little critters of hens – who make me feel better when things are grim. I’ve cried into feathers and I can tell you, it helps a lot.


Keep on hen-keeping, you all! I can’t recommend it enough!

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What a heartwarming post :) . It's lovely that your girls give you such pleasure :) . Please don't apologise for not being "useful" on the forum - this is as much for those that don't post as those who do. I hope we keep you amused if nothing else :wink: .


And I'm sorry to hear that your health is so poor - best wishes to you for coping with it.



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Hi Henhathnofury!


What a great name :clap: Firstly I am so sorry you are unwell. I send you love and hope things improve.


I rarely get to sit and type these days - sad but true :(


I can see that you too have been bitten by the chook bug! It never goes away! I contribute little to anyones problems although I do try - everyone seems to know so much more than me, but I wouldnt go anywhere else for a bit of tlc when needed! These people are amazing when you need someone and I know you will find this.


Take care and keep smiling. Your girls GNR will always help you! :dance:


Cyber hugs


Sal xx

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Henhathnofury - you are always welcome here! - It doesnt matter whether you are here every day or just once in a while. You can rest assured that whatever your query you will be able to ask anyone here - we are all chicken pet keepers and we have all had the same joys / sadnesses / moments of panic / thoughts about poop as you have had.

We look forward to seeing you whenever you are about


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Thanks for popping up to say hello and sorry that your health is not so good. I wouldn't be able to keep chickens if it wasn't for the help of my children and husband, as they do all the physical work. I'm glad you're finding a reserve of energy somewhere to enable you to look after them.

I find that, on a day when I just can't get off the sofa for hours at a time, watching them from the window really helps me :D

Don't worry about not being useful! We know you're there now, and thankyou for your lovely post

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