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Practical Poultry

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I've not seen it and now my imagination is working overtime.

Is it something brightly coloured that little birds (& speculating, gossipy omleteers) have been talking about :?

Do tell, or I'll have to buy the mag.... and I can't get it locally, have to go to WHS in Bluewater for it, very stressful on a weekend, queues, no parking :roll::roll::roll:

Do tell Gina, and put me out of my misery :wink:

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Thanks Gina :D:D and before I went to bed too! I didn't think they could possibly be advertising something we haven't really seen yet, but just had to check!


They're already selling 140 eglus a week (!) which is pretty impressive. The number must be going up all the time! They'll have to take on more delivery drivers. I'm really pleased that Omlet is being such a success. :D:D

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I always have a look in the P P mag to see if they have the Eglu advertised, and I have never spotted it before. I've seen every other permitation of hen house available, just never the Eglu.


I'm glad they've got it in there, as it is so deserving, and I don't think they should be totally exclusive to the wooden variety. I did notice that they have also started to advertise smaller wooden hen houses for 4-6 hens, which I think is something fairly new too. Maybe it's becasue P P was originally only bought by people that had large flocks and now they are are onto the fact that people are keeping them as pets in thier two's and three's and there is a big market for hen houses.


Good on P P :D

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