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building work photos UPDATED Finished!

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This is how we've been living for the last 4 weeks.

Spot the tub trugs!


Ethan's room



Alexander's room






Bathroom- new bath!



Front bedroom



We are putting the house back to the 3 bedrooms it was built with- when we got it the previous owners had turned it into a 2 bedroomed house with a massive bathroom.

We think there is another week's worth of work to do at least.

The new bath is in :D and the bedroom walls.

We have all been sleeping together in the front bedroom

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I will!

We think that the worst is now over, & to be honest it's not been that bad.

The worst bit about being upside down is that things aren't being put away in theire proper place & we keep on losing stuff.


Cathy the bath is great. It's really deep, Ethan could almost learn how to swim in it. It's still not as big as our old corner bath- we could all fit in that at one time!

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Lucky you, At least you are seeing the end in sight.


I had no kitchen for 3 months a few years ago when we had the kitchen knocked down and extended. I did loads of home made microwaveable ready meals in preparation.


We are 7 years in to what we thought was a 10 year project and now think we have another 10 years to go :(:(:(


Oh well it will all be worth it in the end. :D:D:D


Please let us see your after photo's as it might just keep me going!

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It's all done now apart from some serious decorating in Alexander's room ( he has floorboards to walk on & plastered walls, but at least it's his own room :D ) & some touching up & door varnishing & frame glossing elsewhere.













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Jules- I LOVE your bathroom! Its very stylish. It looks about the same size as ours here (we don't have room for a separate shower), when we get around to refitting ours (we only moved in 6 months ago) I think we will get a bath with a jutting out bit too and I love the tiling effect on the one wall behind the shower attachment


hmmmmm *starts to think about own bathroom*!!


but no unfortunately new boiler has to come first :(:wink: sigh

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It's called a shower, or "p" shaped bath. It's great :D


We ummed & ahhed about buying the mosaic tiles, as they were really dear, but I'm glad we got them in the end. It's a nice feature, & because they have lots of glass tiles in there, as well as some stone ones they sparkle in the sunlight, as our bathroom window faces south.

I got the sink & toilet unit especially- there are no nasty waste pipes to clean around :D

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Jules your bathroom looks lovely


I thought at first you had posted pics of our bathroom, it is very, very similar


We have that bath (but with a whirlpool) similar toilet and sink and even the tiling is the same. We also have the same towel rail and soap dispenser


Your shower is nicer than ours though


It's lovely to see the end of such major work isn't it :D

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