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I've heard them in March around here before - but not in February!


I was having to stand very still, watching to see if the cat would come out of the shed........ and making sure no more cats went in :roll:


I thought there was a site where you reported hearing the first cuckoo, but I haven't found it yet.

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Cuckoos - how lovely 8):P

It is always such a treat to hear one,isn't it?


I was listening to the woodpeckers at the weekend. It sounded like about 3 of them all going like the clappers at the same time :lol:


We also have the most tiny & cute little Jenny Wren living in our hedge - she is so adorable & I just hope the cat doesn't find her :roll:

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After years of loving them, we're hoping the woodpeckers don't find us :? - they devastate beehives trying to get at the bees and larvae :?


We have a little wren outside the lounge window as well :D


With more land/animals it would be so easy to miss the small things - I will have Lauren and Jake all day today and we're going on a good old fashioned Nature Walk :lol: Egluntine will remember those from school?


(and we're pimping Jaffa cakes as well! 8) )

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:shock: Gosh, that is VERY early! We always have at least one cuckoo around in the spring but April or May, not February! I love hearing them. It gives me a real thrill, a bit like seeing a rainbow. Not sure why though . . .

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I'm always hopeful of seeing one. We sometimes have two and I can hear them calling to each other and from the sound i can tell one is flying from tree to tree, but I have never managed to see one. :(

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When I was a child we had a rhyme for the cuckoo:


In April you hear my trill,

In May I sing all day,

In June I change my tune,

In July away I fly,

In August go I must


Do we have to think up lines for February and March now?


We had woodpeckers, bumble bees and ladybirds at the weekend and we usually have cuckoos in the woods at the bottom of the garden but I've not heard them yet this year.

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