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Tina C

Chicken Lit

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Last night I said to OH 'I've done something naughty - I've bought a new book'


He went like this :roll:


I then told him why I had bought a book (omlet book club - see sticky) and he went :roll::roll:


And then I said 'Because it was 2 for £7, I bought another book' and he went :roll::roll::roll:


Then he picked up the second book - serious chick lit (Freya North - Pillow Talk) and started looking for 'ladies and gentlemen' (see Omlet English Dictionary sticky)


He opened it and read.....














Wait for it........












'Petra's mother now collected chickens with much the same passion as she'd collected shoes....'



And he went :shock::roll::roll::roll::roll:

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Ha - I thought the shoes reference would attract Couperwife :D


Just in case someone thinks that is how the book starts, that was on page 60 something and I don't think there is much more about chickens in there.


However this bit made me laugh:


'By contrast, the chickens live in a stylish and spacious way, in designer coops bought at great expense.'


I thought this might be a refence to an eglu..... until I discovered the woman has 26 chickens 'but two bantams are joining us next week.'


I am sure the author did her research on this forum with that last comment being thrown in casually.


It still tickles me that I picked up a book with chicken references without even trying and OH opened it at that particular point.

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