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My children are Monsters!!!

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Oh, he's a boy .... :oops:

I was just looking at this with my five year old by my side and she said 'oh look that little girl looks just like Ellie'.... sorry :oops:


His hair does look lovely though, and I'm not sure it matters if people mistake him for a girl... it might bother him when he is older, but right now does he care?


Great face painting :D

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Dont cut his hair till you have to - my son had lovely hair and when he grew up he shaves it all off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY :?


They are adorable and enjoy them - they do grow up - mine are 33 and 31 years old now- How OLD does it make me then!!!!!!!!


Probably around the same age as me....give or take.


My boys tend to shave their heads.


I'm not keen....it makes them look like BNP members. :?


They both have thick dark hair too......or they did last time I saw it. :roll:

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