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They would look great in my childrens wooden kitchen but we have loads of those rubber bouncy eggs OH would think i was looney if i got some more. my little boy is mad on eggs and chickens though so he would love them. i dont think they would bounce off the windows as well as the rubber ones though :roll:. it might just be an accident waiting to happen. we had to go to a+e last night because he cut his head open on a pamment tile and will be scarred for life.

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What's with the ever changing avatar F&C? :lol:


I'm quite disorientated! :?:lol:


Every time I see a new one I think "Oh....a new forum member" until I read on a bit.


Have you not found one you like yet? :lol::lol:



I just like to change them.....


I get bored at looking at the same thing. I need a flashing one that cjhanges like 6 different pics :)

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