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Electric toothbrush

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We had the OralB 5000 (I think) for years - it was great till it died this week. I used to get gingivitis fairly often but never had it again once I started using it.


My new one is * this *. It's noticeably faster and doesn't have any of those fancy extras which you never use, just a timer (4 x 30 seconds).


£50 in Boots, £42.97 in Sainsburys :wink: .

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Don't buy a cheap one, buy a cheap sonicare. They are a gazillion times better for the gums. I've used an electric toothbrush for years and a Sonicare for the past 4 years, since being diagnosed with gum disease. They are fantastic and get my teeth and gums cleaner.


You can get a cheap sonicare - you don't need a quad timer - mine just turns off after 2 mins - so I run it again for a second 2 mins.


I have always been the envy of my friends. I have perfectly straight teeth and I don't have a single filling. BUT 2 of my back teeth are actually loose from the gum disease now.

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I bought a Sonicare and have just given up using it, it took a long time to get used to and the vibrating was very strange, I found it a bit rough on my gums and after having a Cyst removed from my jaw was told by the surgeon not to use it any more. I bought an Oral B Vitality for £12 and it is great I use the heads that have a soft rubber cup as well as bristles and it has really improved my gums around the area that i had the surgery.


I used to work as a Dental nurse and to be honest if you use a hand held brush properly then your teeth and gums will be healthy, an electric brush just makes things easier.........I love the Oral B products and would always recommend them, have a look at how much the replacement heads are for the sonicare before you choose they cost a fotune............

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We have used Phillips Sonicare for about 4 years now and our teeth definitely feel cleaner :D and when we go to the dentist for a check up she doesn't need to spend time removing plaque and cleaning our teeth like she used to!


Sonicare aren't cheap but you can often get them a lot cheaper than Argos & Boots etc. Makro and Costco often have them on offer, I bought our latest one over a year ago for £47 in Makro including vat. The replacement heads are expensive at around £8 each but they last for 6 months.


It's not cheap but let's face it, our bodies & teeth have to last us a long time so it's worth looking after them! :think:



(green eglu) and 3 chickens arriving 28th Feb! :dance:

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I buy new Oral B heads from our dentist - they are far cheaper than anywhere else.


That's worth knowing. :lol:


Indeed it is. We found out, through personal experience, that a lot of the ones on eBay are fake. Very convincing fakes, but fakes none the less :(


Oh my word! :shock:


That's worth knowing too!



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