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feelin really uuurrrrgggghhhh

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been ill all night and morning - think I've got this sickness bug that's going round :(:( thinking of the weight loss :D


Charlie's away skiing with the school this week so only Ollie here to offer sympathy (he's a 15 year teenager..........need I say more) Bless him he's trying his best - woken me twice to see if I'm OK :roll::roll: and he did bring me a glass of water :D:D


I'm Ok if I don't eat, only sip water and under no circumsatances stand up :roll::roll: Can now just about manage to sit up to use laptop :wink:


Slightly concerned as I have terrible cramp in my hands and feet :?:? could it be an electrolyte (sp?) inbalance. Any suggestions :?::?:

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oh Pam, so sorry to hear you're ill. Can't help with the cramp but I do hope you feel better soon, if it's any consolation, if it's the sickness thing it should only last 48 hours :(


Hope you have someone to look after you.



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Sorry to hear you feel pants Pam. Dioralyte is wonderful stuff, but flat coke will do the trick.


Strange, as I woke up at 4am and was sick and freezing cold. Feel ok-ish now, but cold in my bones. The rest of me is boiling hot.


Take it easy and relax. Don't strain yourself typing :wink:


Hope you feel better soon


C x

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