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Has anyone seen a dormouse? I think I saw one :D (I get quite excited by seeing birds/wildlife for the first time, I saw a shrew once).

It was brown with a black furry tail and was quite big (big mouse size) I wondered if it was a rat at first as mice can be tiny. It was on some wasteland about a metre from me as I was walking down a busy main road (Penistone Road for Egluntine/Sheffielders).

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Probably a field mouse Sarah :?


They are very similar to Dormice but are bigger and seen around more :wink:


The wee brown ones are house mice and the creamy bigger ones are field mice they have huge eyes too :shock:


My cats are always showing me what they look like - kind aren't they :evil:

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They call it a wood mouse here :?


May someone more technologically competent than me :oops: can add in the picture :?


I don't even try any more :evil:



edit - done Louise


Christian x


we have loads of these living in our garden :D:D and we also call them wood mice

They're really cute and in the evenings they can been seen eating seed off the bird table :D:D

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Dormice and wood/field mice are about the same size as one another (6-8cm) - harvest mice are the really tiny ones (we used to have some in the zoology department when I was an undergrad - v cute).


Could it have been a bank vole? They are quite a bit bigger than a mouse, and pretty common:





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