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Washing my hennys feet

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I wouldn't bother, unless they have dried clods of mud sticking to the soles of their feet and causing them to limp.


I think you would be wasting your time otherwise....they will be dirty again in no time. :lol: :lol:


If you do wash them, just use warm water and something like a few drops of Ecover washing up liquid.

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Oh I SO know how that feels. My husband thinks I give the chickens more attention than him...


He's probably right :wink:


'Fraid my hubby is way down the list after dog, chooks etc and he knows it!! :lol:


chicken washing regular occurance here, feet and bums :roll: because i have feathery legged girls and big bottomed girls! :lol:

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I have washed mine, once when the lumps of mud were so bad that I could hear her 'clacking' when she walked on the patio slabs! :oops: she didn't seem bothered though. For some reason it's only one of mine that get these big balls of mud building up on her toes - her sister in the same run has perfectly clean feet!


If you do need to, fill a container (I used a cat-litter tray) with warmish water and just hold her standing in it, and it should soften and fall off after a few minutes.

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