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essex rescue - and new girls...

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On Saturday the Essex rescue rescued about 700 girls from a farm in Norfolk. Helen was there - and new-girl Kim (from the forum here) - who was a total natural - as if she has been doing it all her life.


700 was way more than we have ever rescued in one go before - we needed a horse box and an extended transit van to get them all in...


kim was thrown in at the deep end - coming with us to pull the chooks from the farm cages (setting off at 6am) - and then crawling back to rescue base - as the A12 was closed with a tanker crash!


the girls were all (relatively speaking) in good condition... we had to rescue so many cos of the huge backlog of people wanting rescue hens after recent TV publicity... (there are orders for 1500 birds!!)


anyway - Me and Carys brought two home - after the sad demise of Windle Pooms who dropped dead suddenly, Mrs Miggins has been on her own...


not anymore:


here's Miggins fixing the new girls with a stern stare....




here's both batts together:




here's Mrs Goggins (with lovely white-tinged feathers and floppy comb)




and here's Miss Marple (slightly scrawnier - but still in good condition as Batts go..)





Mrs Miggins has welcomed them with open arms - her bok-bok is worse than her bite!



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went out into garden and thought i'd lost Mrs Goggins - searched for 20mins - no sign of her...


then I found her - having walked into a plastic sack down the side of the house and (presumably) given up trying to work out how to get out! :roll:






glad u like her, Helen - here's a photo that shows off her neck to its best effect...





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Awww. shes getting into trouble already!


You know Phil - when i pulled her out of the cage in the pitch dark i immediately thought 'this one should be for Phil - he'll like the pretty feathering round her neck!' Sure it was that one! Could have been one of 699 others but i'm sure it was that one!: D :wink:


See - aren't i thoughtful?! :)

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They look great, Mrs Miggins is a real stunner!!


It was so lovely to wake up on Sunday morning to glorious sunshine and think of all the girls waking up to sunshine on their backs on their first day of freedom :D


Thanks for the praise Phil :oops: but I had good teachers and you are a great team! I must be so unfit, I could hardly walk the next day, my thigh muscles hurt so much. :D It was well worth it though.


Peanut12, mine were never clipped and have never tried to fly off, they are quite content to scratch and dust bathe, the fence between myself and one of my neighbours is only about 4 ft high and its never been a problem.

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We have to leave lots behind Tara which is horrible.... This Essex rescue just gone it was mostly the birds on the top flight of cages that we couldn't reach and they peered down at us and i felt dreadful about leaving them... :cry: We took nearly 700 which is a HUGE amount for a rescue and there were still 100's left. Unfortunately at the moment i guess the BHWT rescues are still just a small drop in the ocean.... Getting bigger though i think! :D


Kim - you did a fab job - i'm glad you enjoyed it.

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We take to order - we can't take any more then we have homes for. With the Jamie Oliver programme we have seen a big increase in people wanting to rehome them which is great.


To help us get more out - take as many as you can and spread the word about the BHWT and encourage people to keep ex batt chickens!


Not quite sure what you mean about is it easy to rescue a chicken and bring it home pony mad - if you have the facilities to keep chickens ie house and stuff all ready then yes it is - you just need to get the contact details off the BHWT web site for your local co-ordinator, get in touch and tell them how many chooks you want and they will then let you know where and when to pick them up!

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i some times look on the down the lane forum and they have started a car poster campaign, i have put one in my car a good idea i think, i work in retail and i am always explaining to customers what the difference is between free range and caged because some really dont understand the suffering that they go through in these horrible cages

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