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cous-cous, durr, dont know what to do with it!

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Having some friends over for dinner on Saturday. A nice get together for a dear friend who is off to afghanistan on duty soon.

I have got the lamb tagine recipie sorted out (thanks all!!)

Now, I need to sort out cous-cous.


I have bought plain cous-cous and Im not sure if it is right to serve it just plain or am I supposed to flavour it or add stuff to it.


Does anyone out there in Omlet land know what I should do??


I also intend to serve green beens with red onion and butter on them.

Have to admit cous-cous is a mystery to me as hubby and small daughter dont really like it so we have only had the flavoured packet variety once or twice.


Any other ideas for accompniments to lamb tagine??


Thanks guys :D:D

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I have bought plain cous-cous and Im not sure if it is right to serve it just plain or am I supposed to flavour it or add stuff to it.


In theory you could add virtually anything to cous cous, chopped up veg,

herbs, I prefer it absolutely plain. Maybe you could throw a few mint

leaves on it to make it look pretty :shock:



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if you're serving it with a tagine then leave it plain. The tagine is spicy and flavoursome enough, if you flavour the cous cous too then it will be a taste overload! The cous cous will soak up all the lovely spicy juices from the tagine.


My advice, do it plain and you don't really need to faff about with accompaniments, it will be delish as it is :D

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I eat it made up with veggie or chicken stock, it's yum, but you can, as others have said add pretty much anything. Chopped up tomato, coriander and cucumber is nice, but if you're having such a tasty main course I'd leave it plain too. I like it sloppy! :D


Mrs Bertie

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Thanks so much everyone.

I will leave it plain I think. I may go mad and throw a few mint leaves on the top!

I will try and do it again with some of the suggested additions another time and see if I can convince my non cous-cous eaters that its a good idea!


This is great. I love this forum. I think I could ask just about anything and someone will come up with a solution. :D


Could you all tell me how to become a millionaire :wink:

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Sorry hope not too late replying- to do cous cous in the trad style to go with your tagine is quite easy but needs to be thought about in advance.

Hydrate your cous cous with 2 parts boiling water/1 part cous cous/ good glug lemon juice, leave it alone until the water is soaked up.

Now the magic bit! Turn it out onto a large tray and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt, turn it over and mix in with your fingers. Every time you pass the tray as you are getting dinner underway give it another mix around; be sure to spread the cous cous out on the tray so it doesnt go soggy (thats why most people dont like it).

Steam it in a colander over boiling water for 10 mins to be ready.

Sounds a faff but its dead easy and you will get lovely separated creamy grains.

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Hi all.

Just logging on quick to say that the cous cous method worked a treat. All the grains were niceley seperated and with the addition of some fresh mint it was lovley. Also the tunisian lamb with the addition of the ras-el-hanout was awesome and a big hit.

It was much better with the ras-el in it than last time I cooked it with the individual additions.


We had a lovley evening and each couple provided a course.

The starter was stuffed peppers :D

The mains was the lamb, cous-cous and green beens :D

The pud was sticky toffee pud and a pavlova made with garden eggs as they also have 2 hens in an omlet eglu. :D

And a cheese course, coffee and mints. :D


Went to bed at 3.30am :shock:

Suffice to say today I am very full and tierd, as we were up at 8ish as 2 of my friends kids stayed over as they couldnt get a sitter.

I now could do with massaging and pampering.

Thanks for all the culinary advice!!

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