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What are you up to today?

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I have got the whole day to myself :D Yippee :D

OH, Jack and Natalie have gone to a swimming competition and won't be home till late tonight.


I have done Jacks's paper round, two loads of washing and walked the dog.


This morning I am driving to a farm shop I saw on my travels last week :D

I really hope it is a good one. For such a rural area we are sadly lacking in farm shops :( In fact this one is the first I have ever seen.

Also going to the monthly farmers market in Elgin, might get Ostrich burgers for supper, something quick and easy to prepare. Jack and Natalie will come home either starving hungry after their swims today, or they will have eaten so much energy food they won't be hungry at all :roll:

The chickens need more food, so a good excuse to browse round the farms supplies store.


This afternoon I plan to do masses of baking for the freezer. Clean out the Eglu and run which is very manky as I have had a sore back all week and have been unable to bend down :(

The garden needs a tidy up, the lawn needs a haircut and I have a few shrubs that need a trim.


Well that lot should keep me out of mishchief for a while, and of course I will be popping back on here between chores :roll::D

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You've got a lot planned Ali! Hope you have a good day.


All I've got planned is a bit of baking this morning to get things in the freezer for the week - Yorkshire Teacakes for LSH's lunch, bread rolls for the boys' lunchboxes and some muffins to go with them. Looks like I've also got to bake another cake! They disappear - I swear we have cake fairies in our house! LSH has gone golfing this morning so I've not got any distractions as the boys are playing on their computers and XBoxes upstairs so peace reigns!


This afternoon we're painting the new skirting boards we put in last weekend downstairs so they look smart! The old ones were decidedly dodgy!


My Eglu could also do with a clean but I think all it will get is an empty of the droppings tray and a poop scoop of the nest!


Have fun doing whatever you're doing, everyone!

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I will be doing all the accounts I was supposed to finish yesterday :?

It should only take me an hour or so,then I am having a good old clean up around the house,& will do the Eglu too.


Hubby is finally fixing the heaters on my car (YAY!),then he is going to make a raised platform for the Eglu to stand on in the run,with a built in dust bath area underneath :P


I am also going to have a nice bath & try out the Clinique face mask I was persuaded to buy this week.I also bought some of those shaders & toners wash in wash out hair dyes (remember those???) which the girls & I might play with this evening :P


We are having a lovely middle eastern stlye stuffed chicken breast dish for supper,& I may bake some cookies too :P

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Today.. im making easter gifts :)


Simons making small wooden trugs (im painting them rustic baby blue) and im filling them with a mixture of


1. garden herbs, freshly cut (just before i hand them over)


2. freshly cut daffodills bunched with twine (just before i hand them over)


3. spring flowers potted into celophane rather then plant pots (baught some pretty clear celophane today) lili of the valley, primroses, baby daffodilles tied off with string and ribbon


4. hand painted eggs. I am blowing them this weekend) got 14 so far.. so omletes for tea ;) decorated with paint and glitter, and a ribbon threaded through.


5. fabric egg-cozies, (of chickens, ducks, and lambs).. with buttons and ginham patches sewn on.. and their names.


6. packet of mixed herb seeds for them to plant.. or a hand made cress head (tights filled with compost and cress seeds, wrapped into a ball with rabbit ears and put into a small plant pot. Im starting the growing process early so they are sprouting when I hand it over


7. mini chocolate eggs, wrapped in gingham fabric, and tied off with a ribbon


8. some fabric easter decorations


then closer to the time I can make:


9. fairy cakes topped with icing and sugar coated eggs


10. hot cross buns


11. easter cookies.. with left over chopped up mini eggs in

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:? Should be taking it a bit easier, as have a stinking cold. :roll: .


So far .. everyone has had bacon and egg for brekky, then Graham took the boys into town to do secret shopping (Mothers day ... he's back to Switzerland on monday :roll: ). I took Tori for a walk ..... checked the progress of my easter twigs .. for my easter tree's, sad I know, but the buds are lovely and furry. :P:wink: .


Came home ... made hot choc for everyone, then snuck HERE. :D .


Ben and Joe have a party at 11, so will run them there, and then have peace and quiet fro 2 hours.


We are having roast chicken tonight (from a farm shop), as Joe is at a tea time party tomorrow, so tonight we will pretend is sunday. :wink: .


I will then have another early night, with a hot water bottle. :wink:

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Hope your cold gets better soon Sarah................. :cry:


I am going to take Emily into Altrincham to change some birthday presents that she got 2 of ( everybody seemed to buy her the same T-shirt from Next ) Emily loves shopping so we may be away a while.


Jeff and Tom are working at the other house that we are renovating, lots of heavy work needs to be done today.


This afternoon I have to find out who has dug a massive hole in my veg. patch over night, I think it is a bunny and hope it isn't a fox. I will have to repair the wire at the back hedge because they have dug under it......... :cry:


Tonight we are having Jeff's fav. tea organic steak and home made potato wedges with lots of vegetables.................Then we shall all watch a DVD............Hope everybody has a good day........... :lol:

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Kaz, I'm impressed, how industrious, and what wonderful gifts, so much nicer than chocolate eggs 8) . Would you post a pic of the cress things when they get going... they sound intriguing, but I'm having problems imagining them :roll:


Sarah, how miserable having a cold. Take it eay, and I hope you're feeling better very soon :)


Hubby's been away on a course for 2 weeks, back today overnight before he travels back for his final week. So I'm doing a bit of sorting around the house, getting son to & from football training. I'll probably potter a bit in the garden, but it's too cold to get too much done ut there.... no pleasure in it for me when it's cold, wet & windy. So I've got a very quiet day planned, just easy and relaxing :P

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My Mum lives in Timperley Nicola, (10 mins from Altrincham) I grew up there, :D and my great aunt and uncle in Lymm :D


I'm not as energetic :oops: I have been reading a book in bed (the life of Pi) as neighbours woke me up shouting at the TV :x

Chickens wandering round our own mud bath/swamp. I think we had a huge egg from Beth that could be a double yolker :? I am going to turn it into a boiled egg and soldiers :D

John is still in bed and will be for a long time :roll:


Hoping to go shopping to replace some of my tatty old clothes/shoes :D


Going clubbing at the union tonight in one of my rare appearances :D

John is calling at a ceilidh tonight (folk dancing) somewhere.

Hope everyone has a good day

Sarah xx


p.s. chickens are having a lovely dust bath, ahh it's so cute.

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Forgot to add that I am doing a batch of tie dyeing,which I really enjoy :P

Cleo insists all her undies are tie dye , & I bought a batch of white ones yesterday,so that will keep me busy for a while.


Kaz,I am so impressed with your gifts..... how wondeful & how creative!


I must do something similar for Christmas this year..........


Sarah - The life of Pi is a great book isn't it?

It is certainly one of my faves from the last few years,albiet a bit gory for my tastes!

Did you know that they are making a movie of it very soon?

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Now I feel really inferior!

I let the chickens out this morning, but they made a beeline straight for the donkeys' barn, went straight into their stable, where the four of them are still ensconced, looking thoroughly miserable with this cold weather.

I had a trip to a local town to buy more paint and rollers and am painting the second coat on the bathroom walls. I am so sick of painting! OH is plastering bits of wall here and there and then its grouting. Joyous weekend!

At least the radiators are finally plumbed in and working.

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I have not done much compared to you busy bees. :roll:


Cleaned the Eglu, very quickly, its sooo cold and windy today. Ben went off to help his friend do his paper round. So an hours peace :D


Have given my new mixer a try and made some chocolate brownies :D:D


Paul went off to Dubai last night for a week, lucky him 30 degrees there. 8)


I have to take Ben to circuit training this afternoon so I get an hour to go round the shops.


Then back for tea which will be wraps filled with peppers onion and steak with loads of sour cream :wink:


Just adding an edit. Paul has just phoned. me Its pouring with rain in Dubai, with sand storms :D:D:D He did not take a coat of course :!:

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ah the christmas hampers are better ;)


I make homemade jam, wine and damson gin.. then a huge batch of mince pies, christmas cakes and christmas puddings..


then make some homemade pot puree :)



add a few christmas tree decorations made from gingerbread.. and voila!


I'm officially useless!! :oops::oops::wink:



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Not at all Buffie, you just have different skills, like researching hidden battery eggs/ chicken for BHWT 8) . Fantastic work and very valuable. And that's on top of the day job. Useless my elbow :roll::roll: (please note I moderated myself there- nearly inserted an entirely different word :shock: )


But I know what you mean, I read about some of the fantastic rafty things that others do, and at the same time as I'm busy admiring them I'm also feeling quite inadequate :roll:

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Today I am at home , it is absolutely freezing outside :( The girlsare out but there is nothing, repeat, nothing for them to eat in the garden except the garden birds' leftovers. IS IT SUPPOSED TO BE SPRING OR WHAT :!::?: Nothing is growing, I have one primrose out and that's it. I think everything has started to come up and retreated again - just like me.

We need some sunshine and warmth to make us all feel better. 8)


Kaz makes me feel so inferior with all her gift-making :shock: . the most i am doing is looking at my packets of seeds, wondering when I am going to be able to sow them as I am attempting a few (limited space) containers of veg this year: Cherry tomatoes (last yr 1st attempt -brill) Cougettes, lettuce, Cavelo Nero cabbage, & Ruby Chard. I think this is enough for a first try. I can't get an organic box delivrty here, tried a local one but stopped after a bit as it wasn't very good. Had been getting a brilliant one (Flights Orchard Organics) for about a year which stopped at Christmas as we were the only cutomer in the area and they came all the way from Hereford so could't viably keep coming here just for us. Shame, reduced to Sainsbury's now :evil: - no where near as good.


So well done all of you who are doing something more productive, I'm off to pu the kettle on.



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Well I did most of the things on my list :D all except the baking, I just ran out of time and I'm not in the mood now :roll:


The farm shop was OK, not brilliant but OK. Got some splendid carrots and parsnips which were nice and dirty. I love dirty veg :D free range eggs which were a bit pooey :lol: Some of the veg had not been grown locally, pre packed grapes, and can you grow sweet potatoes in Moray?


Couldn't find the Ostrich man at the market so I went to the Venison man and the cheese lady :D and there were some very nice Frenchmen there selling pastries which I resisted.


Just spent 2 hours ironing :( so now I am going to sit back and relax for the rest of the day 8)


All in all a good day :D

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Very busy and productive Ali! Well done!

Its just gone past the yard arm: Bar's open...G&T anyone?

BTW, please excuse the cream and blue speckles of paint all over me....today's bathroom painting done! Unfortunately only a kitchen sink to wash in so far....so will have to stay speckley until our return to the rented house later on.

So, what's everyone having? I've got a stash of alcohol still stored under the stairs! :oops:

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Couldn't find the Ostrich man at the market so I went to the Venison man and the cheese lady :D and there were some very nice Frenchmen there selling pastries which I resisted.



I have never had Ostrich,but it is always at my local farmers market which is on next Thursday.

What is it like?

What sort of cut do you buy - I think mine does Burgers etc

I would be really interested to know,as I love to try out new foods :P

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I feel positively lazy after reading all these posts :roll:


Kaz has been so busy and Kate, - I don't know how your OH will take to being called a 'cake fairy' :lol::lol::lol:


We paid an early morning visit to the Farmers' Market and bought honey, pears/apples duck, lamb and smoked trout - it was soooo cold there that we didn't feel like wandering around much. Fitted in a visit to the fishmonger as well.


Then we went to collect Carl's new car and took it for a test drive around the Burton Dasset hills nearby - startled a few sheep :shock:


We came home and had brunch and settled down to watch all the rugby, snuggled up with two wheat bags, until now when I'd got a bit bored and came in here.


Tonight, Carl is cooking Sea Bream for himself and veggies for both of us and I will probably manage to get off my backside and cook some scallops for myself. We will be watching Down on the Farm from Wednesday.


Tomorrow - we have to work :(

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[I have never had Ostrich,but it is always at my local farmers market which is on next Thursday.

What is it like?

What sort of cut do you buy - I think mine does Burgers etc

I would be really interested to know,as I love to try out new foods :P


I buy the burgers and steaks. I think it tastes like cow steaks, very tender, very delicious :D Jack and Natalie ate the burgers a couple of times before I told them they were Ostrich :wink:


I have just had Venison sausages for my supper (OH and children not home) and found them a bit chewy :? This is the first time I have tried the sausages so I'm not sure if this is normal :?

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