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My new girls ! :)

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Ruby on the right



And Ebony



What fun :D:D I've never been up so early on a Sunday morning lol

I had trouble getting them to come out of the coop though, i got Ebony out and she started making a loud noise i think because she wondered where the others were. Shhhing frantically though i knew she wasn't that loud compared to the rest of the birds ,so had to get them out of the coop, a few seconds of noist sqwarking they were eating and drinking pheww lol

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Hubby thinks i'm mad but have spent a couple of hours just watching them sitting in the run with them, by the end of my 2nd hr stint they didn't seem so bothered by me being there!

Defrosting now by puter! have to go to mother-n-laws for lunch but would much rather stay and watch them lol

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Thanks for that i didn't think she wasn't like any pic i had seen online but just went with what he said, now i know :D

I had a quick look outside and Amber ws in the coop so left them in peace to see if the other 2 will go in. Will pop out again in 10 mins, hope i haven't got to catch them again lol will go armed with a torch.

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