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Yay! Squeal! Woohoo! My Cubes are here!

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I have just received a text message from my husband and squealed out loudly in the office :oops: (no not one of those type of text messages :lol: )


Apparently my new cubes have arrived today - a day early!!!! I'm sooooo excited but they won't be built tonight because he is at TA tonight, so I will have to wait until tomorrow for them to be started - I don't think I can wait that long :roll:

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my fantastic hubby decided, without me even suggesting it, to stay at home tonight. We now have a lilac eglu standing in our conservatory :D

It is a much better colour than I expected 8) - I have found though, when I tried to take a couple of photos of the all the parts laying outside in the daylight, that it really didn't show up too well on the camera - I think you have to see it to really get an idea of the colour. I shall try and take photos of the built cube tomorrow.


Tomorrow night we are building our purple one - should be even quicker - although this one has only taken about an hour :shock: - mind due, given his job etc, he is very good at these things. If it was me trying to build it, I would still be stood scratching my head on Sunday :roll:


So far we are very impressed with it. Andy thought the design very well thought through and it has certainly exceeded my expectations. I can honestly say I am glad I have bought them. Now I just need a bit of rain to test it ...

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