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Great service!

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As some of you may know, I've been having trouble introducing two new pekins to my three resident bantams, and after much stress I decided to get a small ark to house the pekins in comfort until things have calmed down a bit and we can try again.


Anyway, I had a bit of a surf and found a couple of places not too far away that stocked a basic starter ark. I rang the nearest one - Cambridge Poultry in Bottisham - and was disappointed to hear they didn't have any in stock. I explained that I needed one quickly in order to separate some hens. "Oh," said Adam, the proprietor, "I'll pick you one up this afternoon, about 4."


Now that's what I call great service! Don't know what their poultry are like, but they are certainly nice people to do business with, and I feel they deserve a plug :)


To cut a long story short, we picked it up at 5 this evening, and have just spent the last hour putting it together so our new girls finally have a snug place to spend the night - phew! My only regret is that we were in a hurry, as it was getting dark, and didn't have time to stop and take photos of Esme and Gytha "helping" :)

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Thanks! I'm not sure who was most stressed by the whole affair - me or the chickens! I'm reasonably confident that I can get them all settled eventually, given some fine weather so I can divide up the eglu run without anyone having to stand in the cold and rain all day :)

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Isn't Adam a nice bloke :D thats where my 3 girls came from :D couldn't have asked for a nicer welcome and let us pick our chickens out of well loads lol even though one escaped out of the area where he was keeping them temporarily. A bit of coralling and she was caught again lol

Girls doing great so far s would recommend him to anyone!

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