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Campbell Ducks

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I've not seen white Campbell's before, but they look lovely. We mostly used to have Khaki Campbells, which are smallish ducks in a nice brown colour and they are good egg layers.


Yes - of course you'll need a ducklu - what colour will you get?


I hope the omlet guys are busy working on a customised piglu for you :wink:

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I was reading about Campbells last night and found out that they originated in Gloucestershire and the white ones are also known as Warwickshire Whites - obviously meant to be then :D


We have found a supplier of a plastic pig arc - it's dark green and looks like a half of the tank we store domestic oil in. - no need to worry James :lol:



I've just mentioned needing a Ducklu to Carl - he thought about it for.............................. ooh, all of 1 second :D

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Lesley, I've only just managed to catch up with this thread, but those ducks look adorable :D I can't wait to see more photos when they arrive... and of the ducklu too.

What colour ducklu are you planning.... I'm assuming that it won't be orange, although an orange one would match their beaks beautifully 8):wink:

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Sorry - i forgot I was posting in here as well now :oops:


The pig arc is just in green - although I could always paint it as I did the Eglus (after Motherhen started a trend!)


I'm not sure about the ducklu colour - I'll have to do a Murdo and ask the question :lol::lol:

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