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baby bears mum

They've arrived!!!!!!!

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We collected Ginny (15 weeks), Hermione (17 weeks) and Lunar (17 weeks) today and they are snug in Cluckingham Palace as I type. They're lovely. :D


The breeder said to keep them on growers pellets for a short time and I wondered if because of their age would they be allowed treats (only later in the day). Should have asked while I was there but DD was over excited (oh alright then so was I :oops: ).


Will post piccies when the rain finally stops (sometime next year then :lol::lol::lol: ).


Thanks for your advice and patience.

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I would think treats in moderation would be fine as long as they mainly eat their pellets.


Barbara J, I notice you have a Pied Suffolk like me - do you have a photo? (I've not noticed another one in anyone's signature before ... although I haven't been looking :? .)



I was sold it as something else but someone (sorry i forgot who) said she was a Pied suffolk. Let me know if she is the same as yours?

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ANH your pied suffolk looks more like the Bovans Nera that Barbara was told she had!! lol:


What? :shock::shock: . * rushes off to check the web for pictures of Bovans Nera *


Looks like you're right :shock: . How will I break the news to Molly :shock::wink: . I will ask the farmer next week when we go to get our new girl before I traumatise her (it'll be like telling her she's adopted :?:lol: .)

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