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A lovely suprise

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Today I got an Easter pressie for the first time ever!

Not being a great chocolate fan I always passed any eggs I got on to those in my family who love the stuff (ie - all of them!)


The Hubby & The Girlies bought me a great big bath bamb from Lush,in the shape of an Easter egg,filled with other smaller bath bombs & a honey scented soap.....wonderful!

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Oh, sounds lovely Sarah.


I must say I'm being pampered today. Mum and Dad are here. Dad is cleaning the oven (yucky horrid job) and Mum is cleaning all the windows (with vinegar) Darren is putting a new seal around the bath and I'm sat on the forum :D Bliss :wink:


(I might just add that I did prepare the dinner before everyone arrived :) )

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Ooh! what a thoughtful present Sarah. I love Lush - just been smelling Lauren and Jake's bath bombs before we hide them. They have just been to Church with us and had an Easter Egg hunt at the end of service and this afternoon, after we've been walking (in the rain probably!) they will have an Easter Egg hunt here.


Lauren will be delighted with her Lush bunny bath bomb but Jake will be disappointed that he can't eat his :roll:

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I got a fairy shaped bath bomb for Christmas and only read the info on it after getting out of the bath. It made some mention of leaving you feeling sparkly which I thought was a refernce to the fairy shape OH NO it wasn't! For weeks after I was covered in very fine and very difficult to remove transparent flecks which in the right light made like a soap bubble effect on my skin. LSH had fits of laughter as I sparkled my way through January :lol::lol:

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What a lovely present Cinnamon.


The kids got eggs, kites, gold lindt bunnies and an obscene amount of cash in a cheque from my folks.


I got myself a flock of chickens in Africa, and one for Ian too.


No choccy for me. I feel virtuous, pleased to help out the third world and depressed there wasnt even a little thing for me. sulk.


Still, ians birthday tomorrow - excuse for scallops on tuesday when he gets home, I think. Now I feel better. :lol:

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