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Not fox proof ?!?

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i've just been reading the P.P mag that come thru my door today and on P40 there is a pic of yellow eglu with a caption underneath "Happy days in the Thornborough back garden. Unfortunaltey, the run wasn't fox proof....."

Havent they got this totally wrong. !!!!!


what shouid we do ???


i've read the article back to front now twice now and there is nothing in the main part just under the photo. As this is a main selling point for the eglu, should they be saying that.

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It is mentioned in the article - albeit briefly.


"sadly, their progress in their new urban home came to an untimely end with the intrusion of a fox that managed to burrow in to the run and dispatched all three"


So, not a totally unfounded comment. :(

(page 39)

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But that refers to the first person in the article - and it doesn't look like she had an eglu. The eglu photo refers to the second people in the article, but there is no mention of them having a fox problem. I think the stories and photos have got confused. :?

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No - it says under the photo "Happy days in the Thornborough back garden. Unfortunately, the run wasn't fox-proof"


Previous page says "Kathy and Tim Thornborough" and goes on to talk about their experience with rescue hens and includes the sentence I quoted.


The McCartney's also have an Eglu and their part of the article mentions that they opted for an Eglu and they obviously had no problems with theirs.

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