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Yeo valley....a little rant!!!

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If you haven't heard me mention the shop i work in already i'd be suprised :oops: ... but i have to say this,Our aim is to sell (provide) good local preferably organic food cutting down on food miles and support local business.


I found myself fuming when we approached Yeo valley to stock their products...a matter of 16 miles down the road and they won't supply us directly :shock: It has to go all the way to london to a ditribution centre before coming back to us and to top it off the only supplier we can use brings it from nottingham :shock::shock::shock: .


Lovely Organic products rubbish system!


and don't get me started on Riverford

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I quite agree. Its outrageous! Write a letter!

We just had a little independant veggie shop open in our village. It was mainly organic, and although it was very hit and miss, I tried to use it as much as possible. Drove past one morning to see a delivery van outside, unloading.

Mentioned it that evening and the owner said, "Oh yes, that's our delivery....from London". We live in Wiltshire for goodness sake!

The shop has now closed :!:

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... and all this backs up my belief in buying locally producd rather than organic. Its outrageous really. I live half a mile from the Ilchester Cheese company but if I want to buy any of their product I have to drive in to Yeovil and go to Tesco. Madness.


Arrrgggghhh!!!! :evil::twisted:

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Well i'm in a better mood today so......Riverford ar'nt quite so under attack !

I just feel that although the idea is good they still involve a lot of food miles and import alot of things....ours come from 10 miles down the rd and some things i struggle to keep for any length of time so i just wonder how Riverford do it!!!! :?


What really got up my nose was not so much Riverford them selves but a lady who comes to the shop on a regular basis said, she felt loyal to them and we would'nt be finding her joining our scheme....which is'nt a problem as we have 45 people on the scheme and 48 on the waiting list :shock:


It just seems sad that we have some lovely local veg, beautiful local organic non homogenized milk that can be delivered to her door and she still opts for a company in Devon :shock:


Any way i know it's not an option for everyone, i just had a bee in my bonnet :lol:

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This is one of the things that annoy me. I live in the West Mids and wanted to find a veg box scheme, but most of them are London/South-East based. A lot of them would deliver by courier which would mean a probable round trip of 200 plus miles. I know they are delivering to other places as well but I wanted local seasonal veg. Luckily I did find a company in Shropshire about 15 miles away. They offer veg and fruit boxes and also meat, poultry, eggs, and things like local honey, olive oil, flour etc


I am still getting used to 'seasonal veg and fruit' and having to use what I have been given rather than choosing. But I find it very exciting :) getting home on Friday and having a look at what I have in my veg box and then coming up with recipes for things I wouldn't necessarily buy.

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In my cost comparison between waitrose, sainsbury's, tescos and Abel & Cole (organic delivery scheme) Yeo Valley Natural Yoghurt was the only item the same price at all!


I'm a distribution point where a local farm delivers bags of organic veg for about 15 of our neighbours and friends and luckily I get a discount Although at £6 a bag I would still pay even if the bonus scheme didn't exist.


Milkman couldn't keep organic milk fresh so Abel and Cole supply unhomogonised milk from a particular farm of Jersey cows. Funny thing is though Abel & Cole have offices in London but their distribution warehouse is in Andover - just down the road from me :D

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