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Guest chookiehen

Amazing Chooks

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To be sung to the tune of Amazing Grace


Amazing Chooks, how much we love

The eggs that you all lay,

We once had grass, but now we've none

A very small price to pay.


Amazing Chooks, you cluck and squark,

whenever you need fed,

The Glug and Grub sit in the run

Of the Eglu that's shiny red.


Amazing Chooks, you di-ig up

The veggie patch and weeds

You eat the slugs, and snails that roam,

Just what every gardener needs.


Amazing Chooks, you roost at night,

ocassionally in a tree.

We love you loads, Amazing Chooks,

They should give everyone one for free.......

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Well done! Where did that come from? i think its brill! :D

Is that to be learnt by all and sang at the next get together?




I made it up, at about 2:30am when I couldn't sleep.......

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i like the idea how about we try to make up egg related songs I've got this so far...


Come fly with me...frank Sinatra is the tune...


Come fry with me

Come fry or poach or boil

If you can bake an exotic cake

I've got Omlet eggs for you

to be continued...



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Amazing Chooks, you flap about,

Whenever a cat draws near,

You scare them off, with much ado,

You're the one all felines fear.


Amazing Chooks, we feed you so

many s"Ooops, word censored!"s, that you'll get huge,

You love to sit out in the sun,

But dread the odd deluge.


Amazing Chooks, your feathers shine

You keep them clean all day,

By sitting in, a dusty bath,

With soil and sand and clay

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Lady is a tramp...


or Chooks are my gals!


My hens are hungry for brekkie at 8

they adore some sweetcorn or the odd grape

they can't be bothered with something they hate

That's why the chooks are my gals!


They love the hot, warm, still, fab air on their backs

on their feathers in fact

how's about that :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:





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