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Eglu impersonator

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Has anyone seen this on ebay.

They have a brass neck comparing and using Eglu in their tittle(how Cheeky )

It looks like a DIY storage box with broom handles for the perches!!

How on earth can they compare it to a eglu?

I have a old dustbin in my garage prehaps with a few broom handles......


here is the link





love and kisses


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I notice he's getting a few questions :wink:

Can't all of us who have ebay accounts subtly through questions, guide any potential buyer the pitfalls of this design? It would not be a happy home for chooks I think: I've just asked about ventilation.

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My OH just bought one from B&Q to house his pond pump in.

It cost £20.

It is very flimsy and came without perches! :lol:


WITHOUT THE PERCHES :shock: I think you have been ripped off,mabe you could ask that man to convert it for you with his broom handles :lol:

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