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:( Oh, Kaz, how very sad. Enormous double hug from me as Simon's not there. :(

What a shock, but how fitting that you were with her, & holding her. Thank you for giving Betty a well deserved happy retirement. Wishing you many happy memories of Betty arriving with the others, and spending glorious hours pottering around in your garden.

Meanwhile, here's a pile of hankies so you can have a big sob.


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thankyou shiela... im a big blubbering mess at the moment.


I gave Betty a hug every day, as she had become the most tame :( she had not laid an egg for about a week... but i put that down to the heat :( we changed their water every day, so it was always nice and fresh.



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bless her :(


I saw her in the nesting box, and she did not "coo" like she normally does when i say goodnight.


so i picked her up, and she went floppy :(


i stroked her beak for a few minuites, and she shut her eyes (she always does when i stroke her beak).. but she didnt open her eyes again.





I cant stop stroking her :(

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Oh I am so sorry Kaz, I think the fact you gave her a lovely chance to be a natural 'hen' and do all the things a hen wants is just lovely. I know all of of us at BHWT appreciate people like you who will adopt and let the girls live out a natural life.


She had her chance at freedom and she would love you for it,





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thankyou lovely peeps.


Any suggestions with how we should lay her to rest?


Im a bit worried that she may have died from botulism :( she fell in the pond last week... we gave her a bath and a cuddle..


Im paniking now as our cats drink out of the pond... but we cant clean it as its teeming with wildlife (including lots of rair newts)




and "green" suggestions?

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Just dig a nice deep hole for her Kaz and if you want to wrap her in something, choose cotton or a natural material. Don't use plastic. If you've got a nice place in mind, perhaps a pretty plant over the top will be a nice reminder of her - we used to do that with all our rabbits and guinea pigs. If not a plant, how about a nice stone?

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Kaz, I've only just caught up with this, but I'm so sorry to read your sad news. How lovely for Betty to die peacefully in your arms like that though, so loved and reassuring after her terrible start to life. You gave her a wonderful retirement, well done for that and I reckon that her time had just come.

I know that we're not supposed to recommend burial, but I'm not telling DEFRA about the pet graveyard that my garden has become.... I reckon that's my business and mine alone :wink: When my beautiful Dolly died last week we buried her in her favourite scratching place in the garden, under my grapevines, it's cool and shady there, and all the hens love sheltering there, and later in the summer stealing my grapes :roll: She'll never be alone for long as all the others are scratching there regularly. Maybe you've got a spot like that in your garden where you know she'll be happy 8)

So sorry, and great big cyber hugs coming your way.

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