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Our First Ducklings!

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Mindy has hatched three of her eggs - one still to go. 28 days exactly!


I only went out to change their pond water and spied a tiny movement in the corner



I opened the hatch to find - 3 ducklings and one egg still to hatch - hopefully.



They are so cute and fluffy!

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oh, clever Mindy!!!


they're sooooooo cute!!


can't wait for ducklings although I may have to sit on the eggs myself as Runners are notoriousy pants mums from what I've heard!


wait....when was this posted?? July?! oh they'll be HUGE by now!! Got any more pics lesley?!

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Now listen Lesley, you seriously have to stop posting all of these pictures. I am now so jealous I'm going to go and have a stomp around the house.

Gorgeous! Please come and "abandon" them on my doorstep... :wink:


:shock: and NO! I don't want your Cream Legbar cockeral!

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