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Anniversary Party


:D:D:D Today is the day :D:D:D



Get your bubbly or other celebratory drink ready because it is now a year since eglus started taking over UK gardens (and French and German :lol: )


(Well strictly speaking it is a year and a day, having had a lovely email from Omlet HQ, but they forgot to celebrate on the 7th - too busy masterminding eglus taking over the world - so I think the 8th is about to become official eglu day 8) )


So, as well as sharing how you will be celebrating with your hens (must buy some more tinned sweetcorn), why not share with us all what your hens mean to you and your family, and how they have changed your life :D

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:shock: Did someone mention bubbly/wine ... :lol::lol::lol: . 8)


Here she is! Pass the corkscrew please!


Congratulations Omlet on a successful 1st year, & may you have many more of them! :D:D:D


Congratulations also to those of you who are celebrating a whole year with your chooks! 8):D


Oh, & Louise, I've sneaked a bottle into your training course :wink::D

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Hope Betty and Roobs have had a good day Leanne. I'm going to get LSH to buy some maggots from the fishing shop as a special anniversary treat on Friday (I would go down there and buy some myself tomorrow as that's their special day but I'm too chicken!!)


I still can't believe the girls have only been here a year! Feels much longer than that and I can't ever imagine life without chickens in my garden!

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me neither! and i cant believe i never did it years ago! deciding to get the girls was one of my better decisions in life, and we will now always have hens, i just love the girls to bits and just wish all chickens could have as nice a life as eglu hens have.

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Well, it's exactly a year ago today that Jenny and Clarry joined the family and what a fantastic year of ups and downs! We've had so much pleasure from the girls and their antics (and gorgeous eggs!) and have learned so much.


As an anniversary present, it looks like Jenny's decided to go broody on us! She was welded to the nest this morning and when I pushed her gently out to feed, she walked through the run throwing twigs and sticks over her shoulders :roll: ! Oh the joys!!!


Never mind, I still love them to bits!

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Thanks Guys

This year has gone so quickly, but I can't really remember what it was like before I got the girls.


Keeping hens was like coming back home for me. For those who don't know I kept lots of poultry from when I was 8 until we moved to Newcastle and a tiny backyard 18 years ago. So that was 20 years of the joys of hens and then a long period with nothing to do with my cooked s"Ooops, word censored!"s and not being able to poach eggs. I never found anywhere to buy 'same-day' eggs!


What is new for me is having hens as pets. With only 2 of them living a few feet from our backdoor and glass walled kitchen they couldn't be anything but pets. I have modified the eglu over the year to suit our compact conditions - but if it weren't for the eglu I couldn't have my girls. Even with a small wooden henhouse, you need lots of room for the annual dismantle and clean and creosote (I guess you use something other than creosote nowadays). I love my plastic washable eglu :D I also love the emptying of the poo tray as opposed to what I had to do with the wooden hen houses (don't ask).


So, while keeping hens is a bit like coming home for me, what has also changed this year is what else I get up to in the backyard. I'm now growing lots of veggies and have planted a very short native British hedgerow to remind me of my childhood in rural Warwickshire. I'm learning a lot about growing things in containers and small areas.


Yes, I do still lust after moving to remote Northumberland and farming free range poultry. This wouldn't suit the rest of the family at all so I'm probably stuck here, but I do feel I've been able to create a tiny oasis of my dream in central Newcastle :D:D


So the the brilliant Omlet guys - Thank you

And to all you omleteers - thanks for sharing your experiences through the forum. Sometimes I can't type replies for laughing :lol::lol::lol:

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Bit off topic, but I've just spotted that I'm up to 599 on the postings, so I thought today would be a good day to make it 600 8)


I've also realised, now the eglu is off the ground on a nice new platform, how muddy it is. So I'm going to clean it on the outside (that's a first for an ex-muddy country girl!). If I get a bit creative and carried away with the cleaning I'll post photos :wink:

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Definitely, Kate! Congratulations to you & anyone else who is celebrating a year of chooks. :D


:D Motherhen, 600 pearls of wisdom & laugh out loud anecdotes. May we have many more of them! What would we do on the forum without you?! I do find your comments so helpful, because of your history of poultry keeping, as well as your enthusiasm & sheer enjoyment of Sybil & Pollo. 8)

oops, should I start a Jane fan club topic! :oops:

OK, one bottle for anniversary, another for 600 postings, you'll soon have enough empties for your w/e garden plans! :D

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Today is the aniversary of Tallulah and Millie joining our household 8)


One Year with chickens and I feel as if they've always been here :D


It was a cold, wet and windy day when James delivered them at about 7.30pm. Today has been hot although we have just had a heavy shower.


As Sarah said the other day - Now we are Six! and we wouldn't be without them :D:D

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Congratulations Lesley - you have certainly changed your life more than most of us :lol::lol:


Definitely an evening for drinks and/or chocolate :lol::lol:


And here's to the next year :D:D:D:D:D

(any bets on how many hens you'll have by then? - especially now you have passed the easy introduction of new hens threshold)

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