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Tie-Dye Disaster

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My eldset,being a bit of a hippy chick,asked me to make her a tie dye aqua & white duvet cover.

I did the usual method,using marbles & elastic bands,only to find that when I snipped the bands off the dye had penetrated right through - leaving a plain aqua duvel cover :?:lol:


I did it in the washing machine - any ideas as to what might have gone wrong?

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Hmmmmmmmm - maybe the bands were too skinny & loose.

I have always used hand dyes before,so maybe the movement in the machine meant the dye got into the places it shouldn't :lol:


All is not lost - I am going to try again with a deep blue dye,so the bright aqua will be the hooped bits (hopefully!)

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Devon is having her room redecorated this summer,& as it is a funny shaped room with a sloping ceining & small window it needs to be as light & bright as possible.

So we have decided on a beachy theme - palest aqua wall,light wood floor & lots of mirrors.

The tie-dye sort of fits in with the whole hippy/surfy vibe :P


I will try again & see what happens (its costing me a fortune in plain white duvets,dye & salt!!! :lol: )

I will get some heavy duty bands this time too :wink:

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I tie-dyed a shirt for my eldest when he went on his first rugby tour earlier this year as they had a loud shirt policy for the evening bowling trip :roll:


I used string tied very tight not elastic and put it into a bowl of dye solution, seemed to work a treat :D


Devons' room sounds lovely :D


karen x

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