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On a bicycle made for two....

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Altogether now...... "Daisy, Daisy..."


We've just bought a Tandem! :D

The idea being that we can go for bike rides without super fit OH riding off into the distance and nagging me to keep up!


I get the back seat so can negate all responsibility for steering and can admire the countryside.

(Also, can slacken when he's not looking and get him to do all the hard work). Brilliant! :wink:


Hope its not too difficult to ride! :shock:

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(I'm not sure if it can still be called a tandem with three seats)...





It was a trandem.


I expect you've forgotten due to the bump on the head this morning. Anything else you've forgotten? Will another bump on the head restore your memory? (That was the way to cure loss of memory in the films I saw as s child.) :D


Richard T

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