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breaking up a broody

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well, i don't know if this has been mentioned anywhere else, i had a quick look around but gave up once the same information kept cropping up over and over. i found a new way and it worked in no time at all... let the broody brood some ice cubes!! just put them there in place of the eggs you removed. luckily th enesting box has a draingage hole... just keep putting ice cubes under her as necessary, although my polly just walked off in a huff after the first lot started to melt... isn't it funny to see a chicken throw a hissy fit!!!

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alright, so polly got out of the major broodies, ie she gets up when i wave food at her, and i can generally entice to walk around in search for food, but left to her own devices she will return to brood. i have started to lock the out the eglu at daytime, and so she will just do a 'feathered pancake' impression on my patio, no nest, nothing just sitting on the flagstones. what can i do to break her all the way out of this? and i am not so keen on buying a wire mesh pet carrier, except as a last resort. i tried dunking her in coll water, and she doesn't really seem to mind, she cleans herself and sit back down where she stands...

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