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The F Word, this week

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I really like this show,& have enjoyed the whole series.


I know this weeks show dealt with Gordons piggies being made into meat,which I think was done in a good way with even tough old Gordon looking visibly upset, but something else caught my eye on this weeks show.


John Thompson had the most fantastic onion dicer & I WANT ONE!!!!!

I am horribly sensitive to onions,but adore them & use them all the time....anyone know where I can get this fab gadget?

I have tried Lakeland :wink:


One more thing...they are looking for teams of amateurs for the next series.....an Eglu team would be great (although count me out,he would make me cry!)



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I thought the slaughter bit was done in a caring way - we watched becasue our own pigs are booked in for next month :? I also showed it to Lauren and Jake, although I am so disappointed in the number of times he swears when it is so unnecessary :evil: (We had an issue recently with Lauren and Jake and the little boy up the road who kindly taught them the F word :roll: . So they have heard the word already and it was impressed on them that they don't hear us say it and we don't expect to hear them say it and Gordon Ramsey is a very naughty man :roll: ) They were OK with the killing of pigs but very shocked by Gordon Ramsey :?:lol:


I loved the onion Slicer as well Sarah but I haven't seen one. Have you tried the Channel 4 / F Word forum?

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I wont watch his show cant stand animals being killed.People say it nature but it would be different if the knife was pointing at them or there family.Just think about a knife aroung your neck horrible thought is'nt.

As Lesley says, each to their own.

Some will always disapprove of any meat eating.


One thing to bear in mind is that people WILL eat meat,whatever happens.

This programme showed how to rear the pigs in a happy,healthy environment & to give them the best possible life.They were loved as animals,respected for the meat they will provide & slaughtered properly.


I think that it got a very important message across,& hopefully educated people as to how meat should be reared.....& that can never be a bad thing :D

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Being a vegetarian for over half my life, personally, i dont believe in killing animals for food, however as humans we have eaten meat since the start of time and this will continue to go on no matter what. I come from a family of huge meat eaters who when i decided to go vegy thought i was off my rocker but each to their own. I dont preach to them nor them to me - live & let live. :D

The major thing i have an issue with is how todays animals are farmed before they get to our tables. :evil: There is no true care or love for these animals and i believe that its very easy to forget they are actually animals with feelings of need or pain.

If an animal has lived a good life - being able to free range, get access to high quality food & socialise with other animals before it reaches the dinner table then surely this is a much better way forward for meat eaters of the world & animals alike rather than the mass meat production & abuse of animals we have now?

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