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The Bantams are here!

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The little Bantams are here - & they are really tiny & everso adorable.


We have a Lemon Pekin - Sherbet,a Millefleur Pekin - Smartie, a Blue Pekin - Marshmallow & a Black/Gold Poland - Humbug.


Piccys soon, in the meantime I am trying to fend off the big girls from pecking them through the chicken wire seperating the 2 runs,& worrying that they cannot reach the peanuts :?


The little Blue is only 4 weeks old,& is sooooo little that I just want to cuddle her & keep her afe all the time :lol::lol::lol:

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I don't know about lovley Martin, but they have that sort of ugly cuteness to them!


Here is the chicken pen, with the bantam extension,housing the yellow Eglu & the children too :lol:

Eventually the yellow Eglu will be on a shelf like the green one,giving them more floor space, but at the moment we didn't think their little feet could cope with the steps :lol:8):lol:



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The Banties are so cute :D Just like Bubbles and Buttercup when they first arrived :D


Your run looks very similar to mine. Our second door is is redundant now the girls are together. OH fitted guttering to the run and the door is blocked by the water butt.

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Oooh the bantees are sooo sweet. And the pen is pretty impressive! That's the kind of set up that we'd like to make once we move. Have you got any more pic's of it in the gallery?


If you go to my Blog (the WWW button) there is a blow by blow account of how it was built,complete with pictures :P

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