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Joanna Lumley's Pink Hat-Update!!!

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You all look fab, I love those hats 8):D:D:D .


You could always start a trend in NZ Cate? :lol:


Now there's a thought Lesley :idea: . But we've had temps in the low to mid 30s recently (although it's a bit chilly this evening....autumn must be slowly edging in :( ) and I can't face the idea of wearing a hat, no matter how stylish or quirky :roll::lol::lol: . Nor do I speak Norwegian, and from the sounds of it the poor admin folk there need time to recover from dodgy translation site Norwegian :shock: . That said I do have a good friend in Denmark who would do any ordering for me I'm sure if I asked her nicely :wink: . I'll think about it and could order one in June when it gets cold over here 8):lol::lol::lol::lol:

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I keep reading this thread with interest as i love the look of the hats but am not sure what i would look like in one........ :lol:


I was in Knutsford on Sunday and went past my favourite wool shop and low and behold there in the window were some hats that looked very similar, they were made by an English designer and being sold in the shop, I couldn't see a price as the shop was closed but they were very nice and made in the same bright colours.

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Hmmmmm :think: Australia :think: - I can't imagine it ever being worn in Australia :shock:


Mine will be coming out later today :D


I've had mine on, but Rosie refuses to be seen with me when I am wearing it :lol: Shall I wear it to the market on Saturday, Lesley?


Oh yes!! - I shall have my hat and I'll also have Lauren with me - we can watch them squirm! :lol: - I'll have to remember the chicken shopping trolley as well.....Lauren loves it! :wink:

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My wife has just seen "Joanna Lumley in the land of the northern lights" program which was first shown a few years ago, however she has fallen in love with not only the Northern lights, but Joanna Lumly's pink pointy hat and i would love to get her one for christmas if there still about.


This is the only site i can find metion of them, but the link at the start of the thread no longer works, can anybody please help?





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I just get :roll::roll::roll: from my lot! :lol:


I hope they're still selling them - their English wasn't very good when I was ordering but perhaps they have an English speaker now........I did use a translation site in the end but having since used it to translate something into Hungarian and had the recipient falling about laughing I would be wary :lol: Google translate does a very literal translation so all the words are there but not necessarily in the correct order.

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