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6 years later.... I finally update my website!

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Cor dear me! :roll: Talk about a hassle! :roll:

Its taken me almost 12 hours to work out how to upload to a website where the original service provider doesn't exist any more.... finding the information needed was like getting blood out of a stone. Bloomin' Orange! Useless....

Anyway, finally done it, including a chicken page! Hooray! :D

Do have a look (click my www link at the bottom of this post) and see what you think...

For anyone thinking about doing a website...don't bother..Blogs seem so much easier! :wink:

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Excellent Annie. What a lovely web-site :D:D:D

You've included some lovely photos, I love that chicken and donkeys one 8)

And I felt nearly as green as all that grass looking at all the green space you have... how wonderful for the animals.

The benefits of a web-site over a blog must be that they don't have to be updated as regularly (spoken as a frustrated Mum...... Imy's getting very slack at updating her blog, too much else going on during the summer holidays she's barely been on the computer at all :roll: - but do check us out early in Sept... there just might be some more news :wink: )

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Have placed an order!

Super site.

Any..ahem... dare I say the "C" word in August.....christmas cards with a chicken theme?



No, you've clicked on the wrong bit :lol: ! That's my sister in law's card link.... I meant the www box, next to the profile, pm, email boxes right at the bottom..... it takes you to pages about my animals! Far nicer than bloomin old cards!


However, thanks for that endorsement anyway Chickenonamission and Egluntine. I'll let Jo know. She donated some of her cards last Saturday for the BHWT. I love them.

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Rags looks adorable, as do the hens........ but it's the donkeys I covet. I'd love a donkey, they're such gentle animals.

Couldn't manage them in my garden though- and I think that the rest of the family are probably heaving a great sigh of relief at that statement.

One day though :wink:

In the meantime I'll just have to keep checking out Annie's website :D

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