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Electrifying the wire netting - Help & Advice Please

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Having lost our precious Penny to a fox, the other two girls are now kept in the run (although it does have a converter). We have the Omlet netting around their area but now think we should electrify it. Does anyone know the best way of getting this done? Is there a firm we can call in - or is it a DIY job?

Any advice would be very gratefully received.

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Hi there :D ,


Electrifying the fence is a DIY job, you need to find a farm supplier, or web search. The electricty unit is a little like an upturned plantpot with 2 crocodile clips like a car battery charger. One clip goes to the fence and the other needs earthing, we use a big metal tent peg type of thing hammered into the ground near to the unit.


Ours runs on 2 D cell batteries and gives enough of a shock to stop the pup or dog going near :shock::wink:


The chooks have only once or twice been zapped but I think they can sense the current and stay a couple of inches away.


Good luck getting your fence up and running, and let me know if there is anything I need to explain.


karen x

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Sorry about your chicken.


I've looked at the Energisers on the web, and there seems to be a large number of variations out there.



Dry cell (normal household)

Wet cell (Leisure/Car)



Storage Joules ratings vary, so what rating would be suitable for Omlet 25/50 fencing lengths.


They seem very straight forward to set up, but my concern would be to get the correct one. If you are going fork out £100-200 for one which a fox will just get a tickle out of, you'd have wasted your money.


What set ups have others opted for?

Are rechargable units any good?

How good are the Solar units, and which ones are people using?

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Thank you for your advice Karen & AnnieP.

We did some more research and visited the local farm supplier where we buy our layers mash, etc. They were a great help - we bought a battery-powered energiser and a leisure battery. Apparently the reason a leisure battery is better than a car battery is because a leisure battery can run right down and when charged will go back to full strength, whereas a car battery, if run right down, never will.

There are two power settings - half-power and full-power - the latter being quite pokey (although still safe for the chooks & pussycats). However, we set it to half-power during the day and when the chooks went to bed we turned up the wick.

A fox visited at around 5 a.m. - it was drizzling so the OH said that because it was wet the shock would have been worse. We heard the scream! Hope it was the fox who killed Penny.




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We made a "kissing gate" by overlapping the last section of the netting with the first. We put the spike in the ground about two feet beyond the "first" post and then hooked the fencing over the first post to take up the slack. We clip the wiring to the other post half-way down with an ordinary clothes peg.

To get in the run we (turn off the power first!!) and unhook the netting from over the top of the first post, pull the "loose" post out - off pops the peg and we lay the whole lot on the ground. We can then all get in the run - pussycats too! :roll:


If it's not clear let me know and I'll post a couple of photos

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I must be very lazy :oops: We just make a complete circuit with ours and then put the first and last posts close together,


then put a hair bobble looped between the tops of them, the children then turn off the current and undo the bobble and step through the gap, as the posts are flexible, I just step over. There are some advantages of being tall :?:lol:


karen x

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We haven't electrified the fence, but we do the same as previously mentioned. First and last posts together, but with a big bulldog clip holding them together. I suspect the bulldog clip may complete a ring if touching the netting. The clip is the one that is triangular from the side profile.

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