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Cate in NZ

New School Year

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I think that this week is the week when most of the English schools seem to be returning for the new term, so I just wanted to send all the teachers, students and support workers lots of good wishes as you all return to work.

Good wishes especially to those going to new schools, I hope that you all settle in well and make lots of new friends, and for those going back to face important years.

So, Annie, Emma & HennyPenny.... good luck with your new classes :D

Martin, Sophie, Noeglu, SwindonCluckers and all the other young people.... I'm sure I've forgotten someone there.... I'm so sorry if it's you I've forgotten..... have a great new term, but don't forget to work hard :wink::wink:

My 2 children are back to school tomorrow and wednesday :D The house will be tidy, there's a better chance of the fridge staying fuller for longer, but I'll miss having them around during the day :oops::wink:

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It's sad when the holidays end. :(

My DD3 starts secondary school tomorrow, so up at 6:40 am! That'll be the worst bit!

DD1 goes into Sixth Form college to collect her timetable (Year 13) and then doesn't go back for another 10 days! :?

DD2 starts year 10 on Wednesday. She has been saying for the last few days that she wants to go back because she needs some work. She's a bit brain-bored. I have suggested projects, research etc but she prefers to sit around doing very little! :roll:

DS goes into year 4 on Wednesday.

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Good luck and best wishes to everyone who goes back to school this week.


Harry will be in his final year at junior school so we will be doing the rounds, visiting our local secondary schools. Hopefully he will get a place at the one we want him to go to.


Emma and AnnieP, hope you get really nice classes this year, I'm sure that you will :D

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Yes, definitely Debs - good luck Annie and Emma! Hope they're not horrors!!


Tom's starting year 11 on Wednesday so it's full on GCSE's for us for the next few months - eek! Ollie's only in year 8 so he'll be far more laid back!


Good luck to everyone starting new schools and colleges or just starting back after the holidays. Hope you all have a great year.

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Mine both start back on wednesday.

And without the risk of sounding selfish,i cant wait for the peace and quiet to descend on the place.

Bearing in mind we moved house over the hols and are still living around workmen! :?

I know how you feel. Now my children are older I feel less like that, but it will still be nice to get the house back to myself and under some sort of control! And great not to have to wash up so much all the time. :D


But then there are those time pressures in the mornings and all the after-school stuff etc. Life is quite hard during term-time! :(

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Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes and words of encouragement they are much needed.

Training day today but still as hectic as ever! :roll:


Kate A - I will need all the luck in the world so thanks! 8)

Debs - I NEVER EVER get nice classes - it comes with the job! :twisted:

Kate - 'Hope they're not horrors' - If only you knew!:?

Buffie - I was good today, 1 Bowl of Crunchy Nut with Organic milk for breakfast! :D

Dan - I avoid the Merry Hell Centre at all costs including teacher training days!!! (Remind me at Jimmys Farm to give you a swift right hook!) :wink::wink:


To all the other teachers, TLAs, dinner staff etc starting back at school remember its only 7 weeks til the next holiday! :lol::lol: The alcohol in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet will see us through!! :wink:


To all the students whatever year you may be in, work hard, play hard and get your homework in on time (saves the detentions!)

Have a wonderful new term and enjoy every minute! :D:D:D

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