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Gorgeous poopies! Photo alert!

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We went to Jude's for my course on Monday and just couldn't resist cuddling the week old puppies... Meeka had 11 babies and they all look like tiny, baby otters with their squiggly tails. At the moment, they are all dark like their handsome dad, but some of them are developing tan patches.


Rosie was really in love with them, especially after one of them was sucking on her fingers! They are having supplement feeds at the moment as Meeka is so tired trying to feed them all of the time.









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How adorable :D . Poor mum, she looks exhausted (no wonder!) :) .



She has 9 nipples and 11 very hungry pups, so Jude and OH are up at night to feed them too. Meeka is having puppy milk herself and eating almost every hour. I am picking up meat s"Ooops, word censored!"s and marrow bones from my free range farmer/butcher on Saturday and he's getting a few bags of his best offcuts and offal together for Meeka too

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too cute aren't they!, I mean seriously in danger of falling in love and having to have one cute! :lol:




Shall I put your name down for one then Loops?


They do that snuffly thing that makes you want to love them all up. I'll try to takek avideo when we're there on Sunday - not easy as they're in a dimly lit area in the main hall.

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Meeka is KC registered and a beautiful girl, Dad (Suleiman) isn't registered, but is the most beautiful BIG dark GSD, and the gentlest dog that I have ever met. Once when I was up at the yard, a small child was standing there beside him (shorter than Sully) the little lad had his hand in Sully's mouth and the dog was so gentle - he is like that with the pups too, they are only the size of his nose and he adores them.


Meeka gives him funny looks when he tries to see the pups, as if to say 'look what mess you got me into!'


I'll try to get a shot of him in the video.... just need to remember my camera!

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They are sooooo cute! I'd love a GSD. I used to have one, Robin, when I was a young girl. He was beautiful and very gentle.


Were some of those puppies still in need of a future home...? :whistle:


I think that 7 of them have homes Ana, not sure what sexes are left but I can check for you. Some of them look like they will be longer coated like Dad and others look shorter coated.


I bet they will have grown when I see them on Sunday :shock::?

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