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I have a problem

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I must have to be here right now




The bots


and a few guests!


In total there are 9 users online :: 4 registered, 0 hidden and 5 guests

Most users ever online was 214 on Thu Mar 27, 2008 1:25 pm

Registered users: Ask Jeeves [bot], Google [bot], Penguinmad, Yahoo [bot]

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...and me....I was alone with the Bots at 3am on Thursday :?


I don't like it.....it feels even more scary at that time in the morning.


I'd been having nightmares and panics and thought I might find someone else up........I ended up feeling even more lonely! :?

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Well I got 4 hours sleep in the end so I feel rather wiped out now. Generally feeling quite down too - very lonely the last few days.


There must be some more of those sleeping tablets in the house somewhere - I'll go on a hunt!

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I'm just feeling a touch lonely. Funny really - I had people over all day yesterday, mate popped in this morning etc but it's the holidays - Always such a big family time and now none of them want to spend it with us - Mum is away and James is going out iwht his Dad tomorrow so I have that panic about it being a holiday and having little to do - I would hit Bluewater if it was just a Sunday but of course they are closed. Its a bit like needing to go to the loo as soon as you know there isn't one.

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