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Private Messages

What do you do with Private Messages?  

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  1. 1. What do you do with Private Messages?

    • Delete them once read
    • Save your favourites
    • Wait until inbox is full and delete a few at random to create more space

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I'm in a dilema about what to do with my almost full private messages inbox.


Do I :


*go for the easy option and delete the lot or


*go through each and every one (which could take a while) and keep a selection of my favourites?


Am I being too sentimental or are other people the same?

I've created a Poll to find out what you lot do.

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Well I voted for delete them once read...................I do this unless they contain addresses or things that I need to refer back to, but if you have to go back and read every pm it will take you ages..............I would start by deleting your oldest pm's, good luck Gina hope it doesn't take too long.

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I was struggling with the same dilemma a little while back Gina, and deleting the oldest every so often to make space. Until we recieved a couple of PM's that were clearly for Imogen rather than me. She read them, then anxious that I wasn't to have access to her private messages she deleted them.... as well as everything else in my inbox :shock: At the time I'd had a lot of old messages that really could go, but 2 or 3 that I had been hanging on to deliberately. I was not a happy bunny :roll:

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Or we just PM each other all the time :lol::lol: !


Kate's not joking either :wink:


I have already sifted through loads before and it took ages. I think this time I will keep ontop tof things and save the goodies as I go along. then I can just do a big delete, or as you say let the oldest ones drift off into cyber space never to be seen again...


Annie - I have a few spares if you need any pming your way...

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