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A day early

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Fantastic news Sarah! Have a cuppa first and savour the anticipation :D


I had trouble getting mine in the garden too - it was easier in bits - out of the back of my van, down a narrow side alley between two houses (grazed knuckles), squeezed through the back gate.. and then it started pouring!!!


Have fun today and post pix please.

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All done!


It just goes to show how easy an Eglu is.....if an overweight,overtired, soggy from the rain, 40 year old housewife can manage it in under an hour anyone can :lol:


I didn't even break a nail 8)


It looks fab,but no piccys yet as the daughter liberated my camera this morning :roll:


The little things seem to really like it & are wandering around,clucking at it :lol:

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Thanks :P


It wasn't so much the setting it up, it was negotiating its journey through the big shed which runs down the side of the garage.

The Hubby said it would be fine,just take it through the shed.....but this meant EMPTYING the shed too :roll:


Then I had to get the yellow out of the narrow pen door,& the big pink one it it.


Anyhow,its done & I know I have made the right decision,because it looks gorgeous :P

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