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new hens!

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finally, after months of wanting and waiting, we collected our 3 rescue ex-bettery hens earlier. this was co ordinated by the BHWT and the RSPCA in Dorset. the rescue took place yesterday and they went to an RSPCA shelter overnight, we picked them up late this morning. they are poor little things, but i have high hopes and wishes that they'll all be ok. they are bigger than i expected and not as skinny, so i hope that'll go in their favour. they are all eating and pecking grass, but are very shy and jumpy. I will post photos soon but I dont want to upset them with a flashgun yet. All have semi bare breasts, a few peck injuries, one has a cropped beak, another a slightly twisted foot. all have shockingly tatty feathers although they are better covered with feathers than some there were. We have called them Libby, Shelley and Freda. It will be a while before they integrate with my other hens, once they are well and strong and have been treated for lice/mites etc.


having seen these poor creatures, we are determined to give them a happy life from this point on and we are already planning to expand our little flock again and add a few more rescued birds in the near-ish future. :lol:

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Well done you for rescuing those poor chickens, I,m sure they will soon be healthy in no time. I have a rablu no chickens, but am doing lots of homework as Iam considering getting some next spring! Would you recomend rescue chickens to a beginer? Is there a rescue centre in Cornwall? Any advise would be helpful.

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thanks everyone!


i am very pleased with them today, already they look so much better than they did yesterday when they were stressed and bedraggled from the rain. a good nights sleep, a good feed, and a bit of preening when they dried off and they look so much better! they have got colour back in their combs, and have been scratching around in the run. they do have some bare patches, but some arent visible as they are hidden by other feathers. only a few areas look a bit sore, and i dont think it will take long for them to heal. I havent seen anything to really worry about. Shelley has a limp wing and Libby has a slightly twisted foot and doesnt put it down much. However she can, and when she does, she walks without problems on it, I am hoping the wing and the foot will improve as they get stronger and their muscles improve. (you can see these in the photos) They took a while to roost last night, hovering near the door of the eglu and peeping inside, but not going in for ages.


I think all in all, these hens have been luckier than some in cages, i have seen photos of hens in much worse states, and it shouldnt take long to restore their full health. Once we've done that we are going to take on a few more! :lol:


heres a few photos, the last one shows Dolly checking out the new girls. it wont be long before they look as good as she does!






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Leanne, those photos really brought a tear to my eye - your lucky girls in their eglu!!!


They look great & I bet it will be no time at all until they are looking as healthy as your other hens :P


Well done for taking them on - I am so squeamish that I am sure I could never do it, but think anyone who can is fab :P

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