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The Omlet shop has moved....

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to my living room!!! :lol:


I took delivery of my Eglu today - 1 day early and it appears i have ordered the contents of their shop too :oops::lol::lol:


I am yet to unwrap the eglu & run itself - the OH will have to help with that later, but after the box nearly swallowed me i did manage to get the shopping out! :dance:


The excitement is really building now - the hen hotel is nearly complete and the girls are due to arrive on the 4th Nov.


I think i might just pop!!! :shock:

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the wait for me was the worst thing.


Can remember pacing the living room waiting for the courier to come... :D


luckily enough the delivery chap wasnt that tasty as otherwise I would have pounced on him and hugged him for delivering my eglu :lol:


the eglu in person is way BIGGER than what it looks....


enjoy !


let us know what happens, we want to share the eggcitment :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:

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serves me right for speed reading Emma - I thought you said you were so excited you might poop :shock::lol::lol:


Oh Mel :roll::lol::lol:


Well i have unpack the Omlet shop and im sure i bought everything needed for any chicken emergency.


I cant believe how big the run is :shock: and i always thought the glug & grubs were made of squishy rubber but they are hard. :?


Just cant wait to get the girls now! :D:D

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