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Catherine Tate

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I bet they weren't laughing about Hearts! :lol:


I was! :wink:




Chookiehubbie has been hogging the internet since he got home, trawling the Hearts forums - he needs to get his priorities right - the Omlet forum is far more interesting (if slightly less controversial! :wink: )

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I like Catherine Tate.. (she's suffered a bit from too many repeats - so her characters are a bit tired now..)


but you can't beat an old lady ("Nan") who is nasty and swears - or her teenage girl, Lauren - she has that off to a tee...


she's responsible for the catchphrase "Am I bovvered?" (Lauren predates Vicki Pollard for whom Little Britain get so much credit...) I'd love to see Vicki Pollard and Lauren meet on a sketch show...


and also (a different character) she's responsible for catchphrase... "How dare you... how *very* dare you !" - which I use a lot...




PS - I love the nervous wreck housewife who jumps at every noise - reminds me of my Mother-in-law!!


and as someone who now lives in essex - I have not seen a better parody of an "Essex Couple"...

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Oh thank you, both of you! I don't like her either! My sons are always saying I've got no sense of humour! I don't like Little Britain either :oops: .


OK, I'm too old! I admit it :lol: !

I'm not keen on either, and I'm 25. I like the odd sketch, but CT can leave me a bit cold and I couldn't stand Little Britain after series one.

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Is it me.......


I just don't get Catherine Tate.....about as funny as strangulated piles and a face that you'd never tire of slapping.


A friend was waxing lyrical about her today and I just couldn't see it.


Perhaps I'm getting old.



WOW, im soooo glad someone else thinks like me!

I dont find her funny AT ALL :shock::shock:


for me she is a total rip off of little britain..a "poorer man's version".


Her "am I bovvered" character is just a copy of vicky pollard - but not even funny.


dunno what all the fuss is all about me.......

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