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What to do whilst waiting for Eglu

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Am I just sad, or has anyone else experienced this?

I've got the garden ready, now am just waiting for some pennies to come through then I can order the Eglu and chooks. In the meantime, I'm like a woman possessed. I've taken the kids to all the local farm parks ("Mum, can we look at something else rather than the chickens today?"); read through this forum; surfed the net; checked out all the local suppliers; bent anybody's ear who's willing to listen - is there anything I've missed?

Is it me?..... :oops::oops::roll:

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... Unfortunately I still haven't got out of the "Chick-ens!" yelling habit when we're out and about :oops: .

:lol: I did that on a crowded train and had a whole carriage full of people looking out into an orchard full of chickens.

Then, looking back at the sad woman who'd called out! :roll::lol:

I can understand your excitement whilst saving up for the Eglu. Hope it won't be long for you. Meanwhile, you can share all chciken thoughts here! :)

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I do the chicken shout - even do it when watching the tele!


I'm booked in at the clinic real soon - they'll probably admit me to the nut-house!


:lol: :lol:





I think you made it there already....... :wink:

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I am so glad I am not alone on this one :lol:


"My name is Sarah,& I do the chicken shout" :lol::lol::lol:


I found a lovely little chickenopolis just down the road the other day.I have driven past hundereds of times & never noticed it as there is a high hedge,but we were in The Hubbys van on the way to pick up bales of Aubiose,so I peeked it :P


I even made him drive really slowly on the way back,so I could get a proper look 8)


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