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Real Beauty

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Thanks for posting this Egluntine! When I saw those ads with real women in, I kept meaning to look at their website, but just forgot (busy tube passages aren't the best places to write 'to do lists'!)


The short film clip is very telling - will delve further later on.

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I think most of us would be delighted to look like the unreconstructed girl, with her fresh unadulterated beauty.


Its no wonder so many girls have such a distorted view of their own lovliness when faced with this kind of thing everytime they open a magazine.


That complete twerp Victoria Beckham has a great deal to answer for.


She, to me epitomises everything that causes girls to go down the anorexia route.

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Excellent film, (I got the film but not the sound!) :clap:


It is about time that people were allowed to feel good for just being themselves and not feel the pressure to look like a picture-perfect model when the truth is that models don't look like the pictures we see either!

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Scroll down the page & watch the "listen to the voices of little girls" ad also. I first saw this at a very rowdy SuperBowl party here in the States, last January.

The ads broadcast during Superbowl are watched as much as the football game itself. When this came on, everyone stopped & watched in silence. Some of the guys made comments like "that was real good", but ALL the women completley got it - and the conversation shifted.

Commercial spots during SuperBowl are very expensive, but this is one way hearts & minds can be changed, and young girls lives can be saved. The extremes of eating disorder flow so easily from the comments of the girls in this ad - watch it, but have a hankie close by.

Kudos to Dove for taking this on. (Of course it doesnt hurt their sales either.)

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