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Eglu on TV this evening!

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Well that was great publicity! - NOT!

Paul O'Grady standing with his nose turned up saying "Eew, I don't like chicken"

and "Yuch, I don't like eggs"!

But yes, the purple eglu looked fab!


Saw the purple one and looked at hubby "cor - doesnt the purple one look fab?!"


he looked back at me and chirped "yes dear, BUT YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANOTHER ONE"



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Well,I thought it was OK.

He said he didn't eat chicken because he loves chickens - no harm done there.He is pretty verbose about his love of chickens & all animals & owns hens himself.

And not everyone eats eggs (especially someone with heart problems who may be cutting down on dairy!)


The purple eglu looked great,& the hens were gorgeous. There could have been some more about the Eglu & hen keeping,but everything was over so quickly.


The most important thing is that unlike other recent shows,there was no negativity about backyard hen keepers AND THE PURPLE EGLU LOOKED GREAT :P

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The purple eglu looked fantastic, but it was a shame that the boy hadn't been shown how to open and shut the eggport properly - he made a right pigs ear of it, and make such a simple thing look difficult!


Now I'm in a quandry - do I want a (pink eglu) or a (purple eglu)


Hmmmmmmmmm........... :think::think::think::think::think:

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